Goose is the dog that made us fall in love with this breed.  He is a playful and animated dog that is also extremely gentle with my two young kids.  Aside from his striking good looks, he is smart, obedient, and loving.  I've never had a dog that loves me as much as he does! His sleek coat makes for no grooming needed.  Perfect for hunting in june grass and brush! Goose is the sire to all litters here at Deep Creek Mountain Griffons


Lilly is the brains of our bunch.  She has been the easiest to train and she is always willing to learn.  She has more of that traditional shag to her, but still little to no grooming is needed for her coat.   Her favorite things to do are wrestle with her pals, get her belly scratched, and steal your spot on the couch.  She has been gentle and patient with my kids and an absolute joy to have here at the ranch!


Callao, UT 84083, USA

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